Promoting Equity

Equity education (from

• Draws on the knowledge and experience of students, respecting native language, culture, and community.

• Includes a variety of instructional methods to stimulate multiple ways of learning and to ensure the academic and social success of every student.

• Approaches difference with honesty and sensitivity.

• Emphasizes the development of critical thinking as a tool to further decision-making abilities and skills for active citizenship.

• Develops students’ skills for meaningful interpersonal and intercultural interactions.

• Cultivates critical literacy skills, encouraging thoughtful questioning of the media and other sources of information.

• Challenges stereotypes and corrects misinformation about peoples of color, LGBT people, people with disabilities, and economically disadvantaged people.

• Exposes the historical and institutional roots of racism and its devastating effects on both peoples of color and white people.

• Reveals the complexity of controversial issues while conveying a politics of possibility and hope.

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